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Let's talk about emotions, thoughts and beliefs.


Thoughts & U Counselling (Online / Face to Face)

         Hi! Welcome to what we assume is uncharted waters for most of you. We at Thoughts & U are attempting to make counselling services available to everyone and turn it into an experience which is not as apprehensive or as uncomfortable as you probably  presume it to be. 

          The thought of therapy invokes feelings of uncertainty (as we don't know what to expect out of therapy or if we really do need therapy), vulnerability (as we cannot fathom sharing your feelings and thoughts to a complete stranger), shame (as we are concerned about what people might say or think or how we would judge our selves). With such beliefs it would​ be difficult to give mental health a priority and counselling a chance. Hence, we are trying to make this as less anxiety inducing as possible. Give us a call or email us your concerns and we will get back in touch with all the answers we know you deserve. 

        We are working to make people realize the importance of counselling for everyone regardless of suffering from a mental disorder. We provide both online (video, telephonic & chat) as well as face to face counselling. Just book your session and we'll take it from there. So, go on give it a try and trust us when we say that you will not regret it. 



Hey, my name is Abineethi and after having worked as an Engineer for over a year, I deviated to pursue my Masters in Counselling psychology. Being a devote yoga enthusiast and an amateur mindfulness practitioner, I believe in being compassionate towards self and growing up in an environment which encourages equity for everybody regardless of sex, age, sexuality or choices made. It's important for us to give ourselves a chance to explore and understand ourselves better. I guess that's what led me on this journey. With great devotion and fervor, I am steadily working towards making people more aware about their mental health and to actively try to make it their priority.


Book an Appointment

Working Hours: Tue - Sat 10am to 7pm

Call, whatsapp or email for scheduling an appointment. 


If you have doubts before you book a session or just doubts in general, please do send it to us and we will get back to you.

#470, 6th cross, 7th main, S.T.Bed layout, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034

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Making the decision to begin therapy was one of the best decisions I ever made and Abineethi has made it more of wonderful journey for me. My sessions with her literally helps me in discovering and learning about myself which helps me with my Anxiety and maintaining good mental health.Whatever feelings I arrive with at a session, I always leave feeling more coherent and integrated in myself. I am grateful to Abineethi for being a facilitative presence in my life and my ongoing journey towards greater self awareness and emotional healing.

Abhilasha Malhotra

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