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Accepting self

In every walk of our life there is one constant and that is ourselves. It is essential for us to take the time to understand, accept and work on ourselves. It could be working on self care  such as starting a new phase of life, becoming more self-reliant, gaining confidence and improving self-esteem are some things to work on to lead a satisfied life.

Self and family

Family plays a huge deal in our lives, what we don't realize is that voluntarily or involuntarily they sometimes are responsible for most of our problems. To understand the family dynamics of our family, how they are or have contributed to our success or failures can show you the path to a greater understanding of yourself as well as your family.

You and them

Relationships are usually complicated and imbalanced whether between partner, friends or significant others in our lives. What our beliefs are about relationships, what we think we deserve from others, what we contribute to the relationship, what we are receiving, are just some of the things we need to be aware of to share a strong bond with somebody.

Satisfactory work environment

We spend 10 hours or more of the day at work than in any other place. If our work or our work environment makes us uncomfortable or stressed then that contributes considerably to our dissatisfaction. It could be an uncooperative colleague or heavy work load or lack of recognition, whatever it is we cannot deny the importance of addressing and overcoming it.

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Loss is an inevitable part of life, and grief is a natural part of the healing process. It could be the loss of a loved one, the loss of health, the loss of a relationship or the letting go of a long-held dream. Dealing with a significant loss can be one of the most difficult times in a person's life. Understanding the loss and  grieving it is essential for us gain closure and move on to the next phase of our lives

Experiencing emotions as part of self

Emotions ranging from anger to sadness, if overwhelming affects our reactions to every situation and hence comes with a consequence which we probably might not be prepared to face. Understanding where our emotions are coming from could give us insight as to why few instances make us react in a way that catch us off guard.

Being hopeful

While counselors do not diagnose or provide medications for disorders, we have learnt from extensive research how counselling along with medications can alleviate symptoms more efficiently.


Few phases of our lives are extremely difficult to overcome. These might instill feelings of guilt, self-blame, shame, sadness, anger, betrayal, hopelessness and helplessness. To understand that what has happened is something that can be healed is a turning point in itself.

Understanding your enigma

Children are difficult to understand because they make sense of the world in the most interesting way which is difficult for us to comprehend. But it is important to invest more time on a child's emotions, actions and thoughts because not only does it affect their current health but also their future growth.

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